Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror fiction under 140 characters

Thaumatrope is a twitter fiction magazine for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror fiction under 140 characters - edited by @nelilly.

Thaumatrope is a twitter fiction magazine for
Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror fiction
under 140 characters—edited by @nelilly.



Dec 13, 2008

[ed, @thaumatrope swamped with subs! If you haven’t gotten a response, please resubmit: ]

Dec 15, 2008

[ed, @thaumatrope: Looking for Valentine’s stories! Submit now! ]

Dec 16, 2008

[ed, @thaumatrope: OK! OK! No more Valentine’s stories! You are all a very strange bunch.]

Dec 16, 2008

[ed, @thaumatrope: Looking for St. Patty’s Day (Irish/Celtic SF/F/H) stories! Get your Irish up! Submit now! ]

Dec 17, 2008

[ed, @thaumatrope: Enough St. Patrick stories! Now working on Easter. Have fun. Submit now! ]

Dec 18, 2008

[ed, @thaumatrope: Easter is over. Have a great Summer. ]

Dec 30, 2008

[ed, @thaumatrope temporarily closed to submissions. EverydayWeirdness opens: flash fiction, poetry, art, music, etc. ]

Jan 6, 2009

[ed, A warm welcome to @Outshine — a new Twitter zine from Jetse de Vries / Shine anthology. They want optimistic SF prose poetry. ]

Jan 12, 2009

[ed, @thaumatrope stories in 2008 are eligible for Hugo Award Nominations? I’m flabbergasted!]

Jan 30, 2009

AD: Get a little weird every day... The Difficulties of Writing a Novel (in a Zeppelin Fortress) by Jens Rushing

Feb 14, 2009

AD: Happy Valentine’s Day from Everyday Weirdness: Burrow Your Way To My Heart by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets:

Apr 1, 2009

We regret to inform you @thaumatrope is closing. Editor @nelilly has faked his death. Services will be Friday. In lieu of flowers send cash.

Apr 1, 2009

AD: Mark Twain! = 2 years old today! Read a Space Western by Mark Twain.">

Apr 6, 2009

[@thaumatrope temporarily open to new submissions ]

May 5, 2009

#ComputerWorld interview with @thaumatrope editor @nelilly (page 3)

May 6, 2009

[ed, @thaumatrope: Looking for Veterans Day and Thanksgiving stories! Submit now! ]

May 18, 2009

[ed, @thaumatrope Fiction Relocation Project: Free fiction for Convention Program Books/Free exposure for SF/F/H Writers ]

May 18, 2009

[ed, @thaumatrope editor @nelilly will be at @Balticon May 22-24 (not 25)... topic: Nanofiction: The Next Big Thing Fri,11PM ]

May 26, 2009

[ed, Special Thanks to Patti Kinlock & @balticon for being a pilot member of the @thaumatrope Fiction Relocation Project ]

May 26, 2009

[ed, @thaumatrope is now following all of its published authors... I realize it’s something that I should have done from the beginning ]

May 26, 2009

[ed, @thaumatrope is temporarily closed to submissions ]

May 27, 2009

[ed, @thaumatrope demands tribute! A new website will be revealed at 2000 followers! ]

May 29, 2009

[ed, @thaumatrope belatedly welcoming several other twitter zines: @nanoism, @escarp, @tweetthemeat, @picfic #followfriday ]

May 29, 2009

[ed, current @thaumatrope follower rates predict 2000 followers on July 28, can we accelerate that? ] #thaumaTribute

Jun 1, 2009

[ed, @thaumatrope will be 6 months on Jun 12 — wouldn’t you like a nice new site by then?] #thaumaTribute

Jun 7, 2009

[ed, @thaumatrope is now open for interviews with SF/F/H pros! Have fun (but don’t waste my time.)]

Jun 12, 2009

[ed, Today is the 6-month anniversary of @thaumatrope, the first twitter e-zine — Thanks to everyone who has followed so far]

Jun 12, 2009

[ed, contest: First with 6 people to RT their tweet about @thaumatrope w/ #thaumaTribute gets a peek at the new website]

Jun 19, 2009

[ed, @thaumatrope reopens to -punk submissions with guest editor Sean Wallace @oldcharliebrown ]

Jul 1, 2009

[ed, #UniChase Unicorn Chase is an adventure fantasy by K.C. Shaw @saanen]

Jul 15, 2009

[ed, Hit 1000 followers! Here’s the new site, as promised! (and we’ve always been at war with Eastasia)] #thaumaTribute

Jul 23, 2009

[ed, Submissions for Sean Wallace’s guest editorship will be closing soon. Get your “punk” submission in today! ]

Jul 30, 2009

[ed, Final days to submit to Sean Wallace @thaumatrope. Get your “punk” submission in today! ] more info:

Jul 31, 2009

[ed, Submit your “punk” stories for Sean Wallace’s guest editiorship by midnight Jul 31 @thaumatrope ] more info:

Aug 3, 2009

[ed, item of interest: Steampunk convention gearing up for Spring 2010 in Philadephia, PA]

Oct 1, 2009

[ed, #Vamp is a night-time paranormal romance by Amanda C. Davis @davisac1]

Dec 11, 2009

1 year already? [ed. @thaumatrope celebrates 1 year as a paying twitter fiction magazine on Dec 12.]

Dec 11, 2009

It’s my birthday tomorrow, gimmee some birthday fiction love [ed. @thaumatrope has reopened to submissions ]

Dec 12, 2009

[ed, #badelf “Bad Elf: A Dark Christmas Serial (Killer)” comes from the happy mind of Samuel Montgomery-Blinn @montsamu]

Dec 16, 2009

[ed. Xmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, Solstice? Looking for Holiday themed submissions. ]

Dec 22, 2009

[ed, I’m really surprised I haven’t received more Holiday tweet submissions]

Jan 1, 2010

[ed, #Shave is a fantasy by Robert T. Jeschonek @TheFictioneer ]

Jan 16, 2010

[ed, looking for February-themed fiction ]

Feb 11, 2010

[ed, seeking interviews with @thamutrope writers. Answer 3 questions. ]

Feb 11, 2010

[ed, @thaumatrope nominated for a shorty award @shortyvotes. No fiction category—what can we do about that?]

Feb 17, 2010

[ed, looking for March-themed fiction ]

Feb 23, 2010

[ed, @spacewesterns & @thaumatrope mentioned favorably @the_millions ]

Feb 27, 2010

[ed, @thaumatrope writers: You should tell your local convention about the Thaumatrope Fiction Relocation Project ]

Mar 9, 2010

[ed, @thaumatrope seeking reviewers (books, games, TV, etc.). Contact @nelilly by e-mail ]

Mar 15, 2010

[ed, @thaumatrope is funded by @nelilly. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. ]

Apr 24, 2010

[ed, Subscribe to @thaumatrope Weekly Digest and get stories by e-mail]

Jun 14, 2010

[ed, John Wiswell’s (@Wiswell) thaumatrope fiction is being featured today on FictionDaily ]

Jun 14, 2010

[ed, Twitter fiction is a joke ]

Jun 17, 2010

[ed, Interview with @nelilly on ErgoFiction ]

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