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Thaumatrope is a twitter fiction magazine for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror fiction under 140 characters - edited by @nelilly.

Thaumatrope is a twitter fiction magazine for
Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror fiction
under 140 characters—edited by @nelilly.



John Ottinger

johnottinger (John Ottinger) johnottinger's website

Publisher's Weekly reviewer, Tor.com blogger, and owner of Grasping for the Wind - a SF review blog

Dec 17, 2008

#RoyalExile 3☆ Tale of young prince who loses his kingdom. Wooden dialogue, indistinguishable characters predominate. http://is.gd/bZwX

Dec 19, 2008

#VanRijnMethod 5☆ Tales with clever anti-hero, space exploration, and exciting action are some of Poul Anderson’s best. http://is.gd/bZID

Dec 21, 2008

#ShadowsEdge 5☆ Assassin suffers guilt conscience. Lots of action, hyper pacing make this epic the Batman of fantasy. http://is.gd/bZDa

Dec 28, 2008

#CynderesMidnight 5☆ Prose as poetry in this fantasy. Feminine heroine and deep themes on human nature add depth to book. http://is.gd/c9z5

Jan 2, 2009

#RisenEmpire 4.5☆ Undead humans rule Galactic Empire. Unusual structure, world-building, suspense make for fun read. http://is.gd/ck76

Jan 4, 2009

#LegendoftheSeeker 3.5☆ Campy fantasy with enjoyable slo-mo action and beautiful women. Funny Zedd adds laughs. http://is.gd/bAnw

Jan 5, 2009

#TheStarsLikeDust 5☆ Asimov’s novel is recommended reading for any fan of space adventure with a political twist. http://is.gd/dBH8

Jan 8, 2009

#MoonFlights 5☆ Short stories by a Nebula winning author. Equal mix of humorous and thoughtful. Truly great fiction. http://is.gd/cK7q

Jan 9, 2009

#TheMirroredHeavens 4.5☆ This cyberpunk thriller never lets up on action, creating an edge-of-your-seat read. http://is.gd/dBKc

Jan 11, 2009

#TheStepsisterScheme 4☆ Fairytales aren’t always happily ever after. A funny sword and sorcery adventure for a rainy day. http://is.gd/dBMs

Jan 16, 2009

#FevreDream 4.5☆ GRRM writes a vampire novel. More SF than fantasy, lots of steamboat action, unusual protagonist. http://is.gd/eYgd

Feb 24, 2009

#TheEyesofGod 3.5☆ Epic fantasy portrays realistic characters w/o much magic. Surprising plot, but overlarge length. http://is.gd/g0Vf

Feb 28, 2009

#EclipseTwo 5☆ Unthemed anthology of story for story’s sake. Primarily SF. Beagle, Chiang, Baxter, Reynolds — are best. http://is.gd/gsen

Mar 4, 2009

#ASonginStone 2.5☆ Travel guide with fictional elements. Too much description, poor flow make novel difficult to follow. http://is.gd/gsg3

Mar 5, 2009

#Watchmen 5☆ Cold War era graphic novel explores the human side of superheroes. Deserves all its accolades and more. http://is.gd/e2Kp

Mar 8, 2009

#TheFangedCrown 3☆ FR novel full of what made Conan entertaining. Needs copyeditor, more characterization. Fun action. http://is.gd/gOVj

Mar 16, 2009

#DavidFalkayn:StarTrader 5☆ Luscious space adventures with scientific world-building. Stories to make space wild again. http://is.gd/hjKm

Mar 19, 2009

#Worlds 3.5☆ Military SF and alternate universe short stories by Eric Flint. Best for fan, ok entry point for new reader. http://is.gd/jceg

Mar 23, 2009

#TheMagician’sApprentice 5☆ Epic fantasy with magic battles and consistent world. Excellent characters, beautiful cadence. http://is.gd/hjMr

Mar 26, 2009

#Liberation 5☆ Faulknerian prose and unique premise make this apocalyptic novel a beautifully sculpted read. http://is.gd/jiwq

Mar 30, 2009

#CyberabadDays 4☆ Stories of 2047 India. Emotionally charged tales that identify universal themes in exotic setting. http://is.gd/hxRE

Apr 3, 2009

#Midwinter 2.5☆ Epic Fantasy/Faerie novel lacks characterization and world-building. Plot moves quickly but disjointedly. http://is.gd/i116

Apr 7, 2009

#AlltheWindwrackedStars 4☆ Norse mythology meets modern apocalypse. Heavy on metaphor though with strong execution. http://is.gd/iVle

Apr 10, 2009

#The Warded Man 5☆ Spectacular epic fantasy with real characters, consistent world-building, and fascinating magic. http://is.gd/jIms

Apr 15, 2009

#Enclave 4.5☆ Equal parts The Shining, Animal Farm, Outbreak, The Name of the Rose, and Harry Potter. Stellar read. http://is.gd/jSHX

Apr 20, 2009

#BloodofAmbrose 3☆ Novel’s flat characters, semi-developed world fail to keep interest. Abercrombian dark humor a plus. http://is.gd/kG1v

Apr 25, 2009

#BlackDragonWhiteDragon 4☆ 24 tales of all things dragon. Broad in setting, plot and character. Well-edited and absorbing. http://is.gd/kQAe

Apr 30, 2009

#Monster 5☆ Funny urban fantasy for fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or works by Piers Anthony or R. Asprin. http://is.gd/l6P8

May 3, 2009

#TheWomenofNellGwynnes 5☆ Alternate Victorian London novella showcases excellent writing of Kage Baker with creative tale http://is.gd/jInu

May 7, 2009

#Genesis 5☆ Philosophical SF novel explores the nature of consciousness and pushes boundaries of style. Exceptional read. http://is.gd/lAg8

May 12, 2009

#TheRivenKingdom 5☆ Character driven epic fantasy explores the nature of faith with conclusions that differ from the norm. http://is.gd/lAhW

May 17, 2009

#WorldsEnd 4☆ End of world story pits reason against magic. Part Da Vinci Code, part Terry Brooks, and lots of action. http://is.gd/rnFT

Dec 11, 2009

#Warbreaker 5☆ Brandon Sanderson gets creative with magic system, mixes religion in too. High marks for originality. http://is.gd/tXD0

Dec 15, 2009

#Starfinder 3☆ John Marco writes steampunk/epic fantasy YA novel. Like Artemis Fowl, but world-building is more haphazard. http://is.gd/tXHb

Dec 19, 2009

#MithrasCourt 4☆ 1800’s people get trapped in pocket universe with undead. Frightening with a surprise ending. http://is.gd/tXEt

Dec 27, 2009

#TerriblyTwistedTales 3.7☆ Fairy Tales get flipped inside out. Pierson, DuBois, and Swails’ tales are best of anthology. http://is.gd/ukI2

Dec 30, 2009

#AFantasyMedley 4.5☆ Excellent collection of 4 novellas featuring strong female heroines told by skilled female authors. http://is.gd/vbP9

Feb 11, 2010

#Tuck 3☆ Stephen R. Lawhead concludes his historical trilogy of a Welsh Robin Hood with more of a whimper than a bang. http://is.gd/vbRz

Feb 13, 2010

#Orphans Destiny 5☆Buettner writes a military SF sequel that is even more action-packed than its predecessor. A must read. http://is.gd/vbTJ

Feb 15, 2010

#RedWolfConspiracy 5☆ Superb shipboard fantasy is mixture of Alexandre Dumas, Patrick O’Brien, and George R. R. Martin. http://is.gd/xyKt

Feb 17, 2010

#BoneDance 4☆ Techno-fantasy explores identity and meaning in apocalyptic Earth. Action mixed with metaphysical pondering. http://is.gd/zOCB

Feb 19, 2010

#FallofThanes 3.5☆ Lengthy conclusion to Brian Ruckley’s dark epic fantasy trilogy is powerful but very slow to build. http://is.gd/Br5z

Feb 21, 2010

#TidesFromtheNewWorlds 5☆ Buckell’s stories highlight unique style, settings and skill of this Caribbean born author. http://is.gd/Br7J

Feb 23, 2010

#NorseCode 3.5☆ Debut author’s action-adventure mixes urban settings with Norse myth. Exciting action, simple characters. http://is.gd/BtIV

Feb 25, 2010

#Green 5☆ Memoir style heroic fantasy has unusual female protagonist and poetic writing. One of the year’s best fantasies http://is.gd/1HHLW

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