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Thaumatrope is a twitter fiction magazine for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror fiction under 140 characters - edited by @nelilly.

Thaumatrope is a twitter fiction magazine for
Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror fiction
under 140 characters—edited by @nelilly.



K.C. Shaw

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Writing dilettante and sluggard. Wait, sluggard first.

8:29AM PDT, Jul 1, 2009

[ed, Unicorn Chase is an adventure fantasy by K.C. Shaw @saanen]

8:45AM PDT, Jul 1, 2009

Ama thinks the ring was smuggled to the mortal realm; I’m entrusted with its recovery. If I fail my queen, may my horn fall off.

11:36AM PDT, Jul 1, 2009

Clearly these humans have never seen a unicorn. I’ve never seen so many humans. Are their horseless carriages supposed to crash?

8:36AM PDT, Jul 2, 2009

Spent the day exploring. I’m glad to see guard horses in this city, although I’m not sure why they’re carrying blue-clad humans.

11:36AM PDT, Jul 2, 2009

Caught a sniff of the ring! Had to cut my search short due to colic, though; maybe pretzels and pizza are not good for unicorns.

8:36AM PDT, Jul 3, 2009

I found a stretch of unused pastureland and woods. Odd, but very welcome. Now I can graze instead of eating out of trash baskets.

11:36AM PDT, Jul 3, 2009

Tracked the ring until another spell obliterated its scent trail. I’m not the only one searching. The Dark’s minions are here too.

8:36AM PDT, Jul 4, 2009

I saw my rival, before she ran: another unicorn. She’s small and white with an icicle horn. I didn’t know evil could be beautiful.

11:36AM PDT, Jul 4, 2009

I can’t cross horns with a mare, even if she does serve the Dark. I will just find the ring first. I wonder if she likes flowers.

8:36AM PDT, Jul 5, 2009

The mare came to talk to me. Her name’s Eulalie. She keeps telling lies about Ama, but her voice is sweet. Lies are still lies.

8:36AM PDT, Jul 6, 2009

I must stop lurking around the park looking for Eulalie. She’s out searching for the ring; I should be too. Queen Ama needs it.

8:36AM PDT, Jul 7, 2009

I catch the ring’s scent from one direction, then another. Is someone moving it? Goddess help us, is someone wearing it?

8:36AM PDT, Jul 8, 2009

Gave in and picked roses for Eulalie, but when I found her, she was talking to a winged horse. A stallion. I ate the roses.

8:36AM PDT, Jul 9, 2009

I could use that winged horse’s help. I know I should try to convert him to Ama’s use, but I just want to kill him.

8:36AM PDT, Jul 10, 2009

Woke this morning surrounded by humans. I didn’t want to hurt anyone so I let them push me into a truck. Is this the Dark’s doing?

8:36AM PDT, Jul 11, 2009

The truck brought me to a fenced yard with grass and an artificial stream. Humans line the fence to stare at me. I’m a prisoner.

8:36AM PDT, Jul 12, 2009

A human male brought me hay and is grooming my coat. I don’t understand his primitive language, but I like the respect.

11:36AM PDT, Jul 12, 2009

Two days into my imprisonment and I finally realize its true nature. These humans believe I am a god. It’s pretty funny, actually.

8:36AM PDT, Jul 13, 2009

Pleasant as my godlike status is, I must escape. I’m going to miss the oats, though. I wish Eulalie could see me like this.

11:36AM PDT, Jul 13, 2009

My amusement with these humans has faded. Three days and I can’t get out. What if Eulalie and her horse already have the ring?

8:36AM PDT, Jul 14, 2009

This is awful! I scent the ring nearby! I scan the humans watching me from beyond my prison’s fence. One of them must have it.

8:36AM PDT, Jul 15, 2009

Eulalie found me. She gave up her chance to find the ring in order to free me. I just wish that winged horse wasn’t with her.

11:36AM PDT, Jul 15, 2009

This place is full of common animals. I may be wrong to think the humans consider me a god. Glad I didn’t mention it to Eulalie.

8:36AM PDT, Jul 16, 2009

Eulalie and I talked at length. We both suspect a human has the ring. And Rory the winged horse is “just a friend.” Yeah, I bet.

8:36AM PDT, Jul 17, 2009

Eulalie thinks my capture was caused by the ring’s owner. We must stick together now. I tried to seem grave and not delighted.

8:36AM PDT, Jul 18, 2009

The Park feels like home now; glad to be back. I have a lot to think about: Eulalie is still the Dark’s minion. Is she using me?

8:36AM PDT, Jul 19, 2009

I didn’t realize Rory was coming with us today. He’s not happy to see me either. I had hoped to win Eulalie to Ama’s side today.

8:36AM PDT, Jul 20, 2009

Scented the ring almost immediately. Galloping down the street after it, Rory flying above. I kept catching a familiar scent too.

11:36AM PDT, Jul 20, 2009

We’ve got the ring-wearer on the run. I know I’ve smelled that other scent before too. We seem to be headed back to the park.

8:36AM PDT, Jul 21, 2009

Goddess, it’s a human child. I see the ring on her finger. Does she know what it is? She’s reaching for Eulalie. Rory—no!

8:36AM PDT, Jul 22, 2009

I had to fight Rory. By the time I’d beaten him back, Eulalie and the child were gone. Odd, the child doesn’t really smell human.

8:36AM PDT, Jul 23, 2009

The smell of Rory’s blood dripping down my horn spoils my tracking, but I can follow Eulalie’s hoofprints. No screams, at least.

8:36AM PDT, Jul 24, 2009

Caught up to Eulalie in time to see insect wings open from the child’s back as her illusion dropped. A feral fairy has the ring.

8:36AM PDT, Jul 25, 2009

I thought I’d killed Rory, but he just joined me. I’m glad to see him; I’m not sure what to do. The fairy has begun a spell.

8:36AM PDT, Jul 26, 2009

Eulalie doesn’t seem upset or unwilling; I think she knows the fairy. Rory agrees. I feel kind of bad about almost killing him.

8:36AM PDT, Jul 27, 2009

Rory wants to kill Eulalie now that she’s betrayed us. Bloodthirsty Dark nag. Of course Eulalie played us against each other.

11:36AM PDT, Jul 27, 2009

We attacked the fairy and disrupted the spell without harming Eulialie—and I caught the ring on the tip of my horn. It just fits.

3:36PM PDT, Jul 27, 2009

Time to run: Eulalie, Rory, and the fairy are after me. Eulalie keeps yelling “I saved you from the zoo!” Not listening, la la la.

8:36AM PDT, Jul 28, 2009

Tried to keep away from humans; I don’t want anyone hurt. But I’m fleet. Now I wait for sunrise to work the spell to go home.

8:36AM PDT, Jul 29, 2009

Home! The air smells so sweet. Ama’s court greets me with awe; the ring shines brightly here. I hope Rory doesn’t hurt Eulalie.

8:36AM PDT, Jul 30, 2009

My fairy queen Ama receives me with a smile. I bow my head; she slips the ring onto her finger. Her white rat guards cheer.

11:36AM PDT, Jul 30, 2009

“Well done, Maxwell,” Ama says, and kisses my nose. “Now I need the Silver Crown, hidden in the mortal city of Tokyo.” I sigh.

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