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Thaumatrope is a twitter fiction magazine for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror fiction under 140 characters - edited by @nelilly.

Thaumatrope is a twitter fiction magazine for
Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror fiction
under 140 characters—edited by @nelilly.



Amanda C. Davis

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Covered with dew and otters

6:30PM PDT, Oct 1, 2009

[ed, #Vamp is a night-time paranormal romance by Amanda C. Davis @davisac1]

11:31PM PDT, Oct 1, 2009

#Vamp Sun’s down, feeling peckish; time for a midnight snack. I’m in the mood for something tall, dark, and tasty. Indian food?

4:30AM PDT, Oct 2, 2009

#Vamp Midnight snack was spectacular. O positive, just a little spicy, unbelievable in the sack. Shame I had to wipe his mind.

7:50PM PDT, Oct 3, 2009

#Vamp Food isn’t supposed to be able to find you when you’re done with it. I wiped his mind, how in hell does he remember where I live?

8:50PM PDT, Oct 4, 2009

#Vamp Two nights in a row, the snack comes looking for ME. I didn’t order takeout, idiot. Once more and I’m going to have to kill him.

11:45PM PDT, Oct 5, 2009

#Vamp The snack is back; brought lilies. How’d he know I’m not a “roses” girl? Better than before. Maybe this time the mind-wipe will stick.

11:15PM PDT, Oct 6, 2009

#Vamp Snack says his name is Jagan. Whatever. I just want to know: 1) why the mind-wipe isn’t working and 2) where he learned those moves.

9:45PM PDT, Oct 7, 2009

#Vamp The snack returns, pale but willing. I’ve heard of guys with that kink but never met one. When I tell the girls they’ll die. Again.

8:15PM PDT, Oct 8, 2009

#Vamp The snack wants to go clubbing, so clubbing we go. I look fantastic. He’s not so bad himself. Think I’ll keep him for a while.

4:35AM PDT, Oct 9, 2009

#Vamp Clubbing went bad. “Staker” thugs, I want to rip them to rags. I’m burned and hurt. Need blood and rest. And Jagan is missing.

10:00PM PDT, Oct 10, 2009

#Vamp I’m too tired to eat, too hungry to sleep. Going to swallow an iron pill dry and crawl back into bed to heal.

9:15PM PDT, Oct 11, 2009

#Vamp The snack showed up with a dashing tale about escaping the stakers, looking delicious, and I feel much, MUCH better.

10:15PM PDT, Oct 12, 2009

#Vamp That cute, crazy blood donor came back again. Feeling strong and sexy again, so I let him know it—in the best possible way.

11:00PM PDT, Oct 13, 2009

#Vamp Flowers and a red-hot dinner grinning on my doorstep? A girl could get used to this.

6:00AM PDT, Oct 14, 2009

#Vamp He’s gone. I leave YOU before sunrise, snack bar, not the other way around. I need a drink.

9:30PM PDT, Oct 15, 2009

#Vamp Drained and mind-wiped the guy at the 7-11; at least I’m not losing my touch. In other news, when I find Jagan I’m going to kill him.

11:00PM PDT, Oct 16, 2009

#Vamp Jagan spoiled me. Now it’s annoying to have to go find my own meals. Rotten runaway jerk, I’m really gonna enjoy killing him.

10:30PM PDT, Oct 17, 2009

#Vamp Nothing tastes good; I can’t get Jagan’s flavor off my tongue. Sometimes I think I catch his scent. Can’t wait to kill him.

5:15AM PDT, Oct 18, 2009

#Vamp Boy, do I wear out toothbrushes quick.

2:00AM PDT, Oct 19, 2009

#Vamp Saw snack boy across the bar and got so mad I couldn’t move—then he was gone. I want his throat. His smooth, mouthwatering throat.

4:45AM PDT, Oct 20, 2009

#Vamp Stakers in the bar; left a huge mess, of course. I need to find a new nightclub. Why do I ALWAYS need to find a new nightclub?

9:45PM PDT, Oct 21, 2009

#Vamp A week after sneaking away before dawn, he spots me in the new nightclub and has the nerve to offer me a drink.

11:30PM PDT, Oct 22, 2009

#Vamp He thinks he can win me back with lilies, a hot lay and O positive on tap? Damn him, he’s RIGHT.

5:00AM PDT, Oct 23, 2009

#Vamp I stroke his temple, willing hard: Forget. Forget. When he wakes he smiles and says my name. And for some reason, I’m relieved.

9:15PM PDT, Oct 24, 2009

#Vamp I asked why I can’t wipe his mind. He asked why I’d want to. Maybe it’s my stomach talking, but he makes a compelling point.

9:30PM PDT, Oct 25, 2009

#Vamp I’ll get a job on night shift, he said. Let’s try to make this work. I said, Gimme some blood sugar, baby. And he did.

4:30AM PDT, Oct 26, 2009

#Vamp The taste of him changes depending on what he eats, spices and oils playing against the tang of iron. I never knew.

10:45PM PDT, Oct 27, 2009

#Vamp We find a club and get kinky on the dance floor, drawing stares. I’ve tasted some of the voyeurs. Jagan is better by far.

11:30PM PDT, Oct 28, 2009

#Vamp He rents us The Lion King so we can watch the sunrise together. Can’t possibly be better in real life.

5:30PM PDT, Oct 29, 2009

#Vamp Up “early”, pacing until the sun goes down. I’ve never had someone to look forward to like this.

11:00PM PDT, Oct 30, 2009

#Vamp I stink of ash. 11 o’clock at night at an Internet café, my apartment burnt to the ground, and no sign of Jagan.

3:25AM PDT, Oct 31, 2009

#Vamp Four hours to find cover or I go out like a phoenix, minus the magical resurrection. I never expected this. I need to find Jagan.

5:30AM PDT, Oct 31, 2009

#Vamp Crashed the flower shop where he bought all those lilies; address in the computer. Hope he doesn’t mind if I break and enter.

7:05AM PDT, Oct 31, 2009

#Vamp Found Jagan’s apartment just in time; no one’s home. Bright and airy. I guess I’m not his usual type.

7:20AM PDT, Oct 31, 2009

#Vamp The curtains are thin and I can’t keep myself awake. No sign of Jagan; his scent is faint. Guess I’ll sleep in the closet until dark.

7:40AM PDT, Oct 31, 2009

#Vamp Sunrise. Target staked. I’ll bury her ashes in the usual spot. They always take the bait. Time to find a new club. I need a drink. -J

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