Thaumatrope is looking to interview SF/F/H professionals who twitter. If you are a SF/F/H professional who fulfills one of the following criteria, please fill out the interview form below (it should be fairly easy for me to verifiy this by visiting your twitter/website).

  • Been nominated for a major award (Dick, Hugo, Campbell, etc.)
  • Have a novel from a major publishing house/imprint (Tor, Baen, etc.)
  • Edit a pro or semi-pro magazine
  • Have appeared in an SF/F/H television show or movie
  • Are a member in a professional organization (SFWA, HWA, etc.)
  • Have been personally asked by the Thaumatrope editor

And, if you haven’t seen it already, join the Twitter Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror Author list

Questions or comments may be addressed to N.E. Lilly via

** I understand that some authors may not feel comfortable entering their username & password into these fields. If this is the case and you still would like to do an interview, then contact N.E. Lilly at


We’re asking a basic question, but we’d like you to answer it specifically. So when we ask “Why?” please gives us something more than “’cause.” You can use this as a jumping off point to answer standard interview questions, or questions that you wish that interviewers would ask. These are only semi-serious questions, so have fun! A link to your twitter will be included, but feel free to include a tiny url (,, etc.) in your response.

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